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What is Fermented Korean Red Ginseng?

Donguibo-Hongsam is inoculated aseptic culture of Kimchi lactobacillus and Korean red ginseng extract, fermented 3~7days in optimized fermentation condition (temperature, acidity and moisture). Therefore obtained ginseng saponin metabolites and ripening Kimchi lactobacillus culture, which are easily absorbed in human intestine irrespective of individual

Korean Red Ginseng saponin metabolites :
Ginsenoside Rh2, Rg3, Compound K, Aglycone (PPD, PPT)

Increase the content of Vitamin B1 and the B2 compared with a initial state during fermentation process

The organic acid is produced by lactic acid bacteria fermentation, inhibited activation of noxious germ and evoked instinct characteristic red ginseng taste and perfume

The reasonable pH is usually around 4.0~4.2, acidity is about 0.3~0.7

The fermented red ginseng is contained bio-transfomated sponin by fermentation, so feel difference and refresh your body

Health Claims for Fermented Korean Red Ginseng (Donguibo-Hongsam)

  1. Promotion of Brain activity and improvement in mental and intellectual work efficiency
  2. Cures and prevents cancer, therefore strengthens the immune system
  3. Control and prevents diabetes mellitus
  4. Regulates blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis
  5. Protects the liver and detoxifies alcohol
  6. Anti-fatigues and improvement of physical endurance

Health Claims for Fermented Korean Red Ginseng

  • decrease immunity and have symptoms of flu
  • easily feel a fatigue and a weak constitution
  • unstable intestinal bacteria

Donguibo-Hongsam have special saponin metabolites, such as Ginsenosides Rh2, Rg3 and Compound K, which is easily absorbed and benefits to various cancer.

Individual difference of saponin degradation

37.5% of people don't have or unbalance intestinal bacteria for degradation of saponin, so not effect saponin absorption.

62.5.% of people have microorganism, but differ from the effect of absorption according to content of microorganism.
The fermented Red Ginseng is very good for human body and can easily absorbed in irrespective of individual difference.
Anyone feel beneficial efficacy and medicinal power on human body, in addition fermented food has found effective in curing viral diseases.

Suprised world of fermentative science

Food and medicine is same source
Fermented foodstuff is various taste and characteristics according to the bacteria and sources, the peculiar ingredient is made by fermentation and degraded with microbial organism. It's enriches the nutrition and storage.

New features of Red Ginseng
Fermented Red Ginseng is creature of fermentative science for longevity and health.
It have various saponin metabolites by metabolism of microorganism in human intestine, which is of benefit to intestinal absorption and pharmacological activity irrespective of person.

The scientifically-established medical Efficacy of Kimchi Lactobacillus culture Broth

  1. Antimicrobial Activity
  2. Kills injurious bacteria and virus such as avian influenza & corona virus
  3. Digestion of lactic acid bacteria
  4. Anti-cancer effect
  5. decreasing the amount of cholesterol in blood
  6. Anti-bacteriosin(antibiotic peptide) which is increased human immune activity
  7. Anti-oxidation effect by the activation ingredients such as vitamin C, β-Carotin, saponin, and chlorophyll etc.,

Kimchi Lactobacillus in Donguibo-Hongsam

Leuconostoc mensenteroid
- Biosynthesize acid-resistant and anti-bilious

- Produce Dextran (Vegetable Fiber)

Lactbacillius acidophillus
- Produce useful Organic acids for human

Pediococcus pentosaceus
- New Gene producing Bacteriocin
- produce a new antimicrobial Peptides

Kimchi, a traditional pickled and fermented vegetable dish, has been found effective in curing viral diseases in fowl, including bird flu and Newcastle disease. Recent scientific research has added to evidence of kimchi's medical power. traditional Korean dish has anti-bacterial power as well as potential to prevent cancer and other lethal diseases. Of late, some medicinal products from kimchi extracts are available in the market.


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